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RJ&AH Hospital, Oswestry, Shropshire.
This is a 100% level deck therapy pool of 180mcu capacity.
It operates on a 3 hour pool water turnover period.
We specified two 2,500mm diameter vertical GPR pressure sand filters, two 50% self priming pool circulating pumps, a plate heat exchanger, UV and automatic chemical control dosing systems.

Treated water enters the pool via two rows of flush fitting pvc inlets from shallow to deep ends. This guarantees an even distribution of the filtered treated water throughout the entire pool volume.

An outlet sump piped to a valved connection on the pool pumps manifold enables the pool to be emptied if required.

Town’s water make up is introduced directly into the pool tank, controlled by stainless level electrodes in the balance tank.

Critical Water Treatment Design Feature
In a level deck pool with a balance tank, it is essential that town’s water make up be introduced slowly into the swimmimg pool itself and not the balance tank.

This ensures that the required chlorine level in the pool water is not diluted. This will happen if the make up water goes directly into the balance tank, from where the water is extracted and monitored by the chlorine controller.

The consequence would be activation of the automatic chlorine dosing, resulting in overdosing into the swimming pool.

This design should certainly be avoided – yet we see many instances where it is specified.

Ellery Park, Liverpool – Childrens’ Special Needs Therapy Pool.
For this installation we devised a system to utilise the spare capacity of the air blower that scours the filters. It lies dormant 6 days each week, so we arranged for it to be piped up to an air massage bed in the pool.

In the therapy pool, lighting specialists created special shape effects in the surface of the water, to encourage the children to interact with colours, shapes and images of moving animal such as dolphins.

Due to structural limitations, the client required a level deck system without the use of a balance tanks. We resolved this problem using level electrodes in the overflow channel, to operate a motorised valve design.

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Therapy Pools | Swimming Pools | Flume Park | Equine Therapy Park

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