The Benefits of Your Own Swimming Pool

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People in the UK are increasingly deciding to install their own swimming pools indoors and even outdoors for a number of health benefits. These include relaxation, entertaining and exercise, particularly the latter, as swimming is widely recognised as one of the best things you can do for your overall health. Not only does swimming raise your sense of wellbeing, it develops muscle, forces the lungs to work harder, and improves the cardio vascular system meaning a healthy heart.

Many people in the UK who install a pool, do so mainly for the exercise and health aspects, building a swim into their everyday routine. This also saves the hassle and time of having to get to the public pool, getting changed, hustling for space etc.

As this isn’t Los Angeles or California though, there is usually a limit when it comes to available space for a swimming pool, so smaller models are preferable. The downside is there are only so many strokes you can make before having to turn around in a smaller pool. There is a solution to this quandary though, in the form of Swim Jets. These clever additions enhance any pool whatever its size and shape, so that it becomes a sort of gym, allowing a fantastic workout as often as you wish.

Swim Jets create an underwater current by pushing large quantities of water through the jets, turning your home swimming pool into the swimming equivalent of a treadmill. You can control the flow by adjusting current speed and strength, and some have settings for hydrotherapy or massage. Most fit to the wall of your pool and are surface mounted giving a continuous swimming experience or for activities like aqua aerobics. This type of system is also great for rehabilitation after injury, and getting back up to speed.

You can install your own outdoor swimming pool, but first prepare the ground using a mini digger or similar. These are available to hire from specialists such as Rhino Plant Hire, if you are in the Essex, London area.

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