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Giardiasis and Why You Never Want to Get It

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Water TreatmentGiardia is a nasty little parasite that can cause Giardiasis often requiring a lengthy hospital stay! It exists in contaminated water, and ingestion can result in “projectile” vomiting and severe diarrhoea. These facts became all too clear to unsuspecting lifeboat volunteer, David Deveney after a standard river training exercise. He was exposed to the bacteria, which is linked to sewage, after 2 hours in the River Severn in Wales. An investigation found that there is an 80% chance that the parasite came from human sewage.

Figures show that in 2021, sewage was spilt into rivers in Wales over 95,000 times and in excess of 791,000 hours. However the giardiasis has not been definitely linked with sewage or spills in Wales. Welsh Water stated that spills had a “a limited impact” on Welsh rivers such as the River Severn and River Wye.

Mr Deveney, a lifeboat training manager with the Severn Area Rescue Association in Beachley, became ill after instructing volunteers. He was showing them how to enter and exit the water safely, which involved him being submerged. Shortly after he emerged from the river, he became ill for 3 days which he spent in hospital before being discharged. He was home about a week but had to return to the hospital for another 5 days!

He was off work for three and a half weeks and said “I’ve been through physical hell with the after-effects of the contaminated water.” Giardiasis is a notifiable illness, meaning it had to be reported to Public Health Wales (PHW) and Natural Resources Wales (NRW), and also authorities in England. NRW says “bacteria, viruses, and toxic algae may be present in some water” and to avoid water that “looks or smells bad”.

Brookshaw Stuart offer an extremely high standard of water treatment plant installation and maintenance, ensuring reliable and smooth functioning.


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Technology to Combat Climate Change

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Wet Design blogNew technologies to combat climate change seem to be appearing thick and fast these days. Innovators are constantly working away to try to replace every product that relies heavily on fossil fuels etc with renewable solutions. From extracting carbon dioxide from the air to using water as fuel, there are some very exciting changes underway. Each new technology that emerges is viewed as just the tip of the iceberg by scientists and engineers.

These specialists are trained to think outside the box, and they certainly do, envisaging offshore wind turbines grabbing and storing carbon under the sea. They are also interested in essential metals to power electric vehicles being produced by geothermal plants. Batteries used for electric vehicles, can also be adjusted to power homes, saving money and reducing emissions from transportation. Other cutting edge technologies emerging include:

Solar Canals – 4,000 miles of Californian canals have been covered with solar panels. This could potentially save over 65 billion gallons of water, and irrigate 50,000 acres of farmland or meet the domestic water needs of 2 million plus people.

Solar Panels from Food Waste – a type of cladding made from food waste has been developed to mimic the function of solar panels. It can generate energy even on overcast days as it harnesses power from the sun’s UV rays.

Bladeless Wind Turbines – these space saving turbines are designed without blades to oscillate and sway in the wind. The resultant vibrations create electricity.

Microwave Powered Boilers – the company that has produced these electric boilers, hopes they could eventually replace gas boilers.

Underground Hydropower – systems built inside low hills will store and release electricity, faster and more cheaply than traditional hydropower dams.

At Rhinos, we believe in encouraging sustainable solutions wherever possible, which is why most of the hire plant machinery we offer incorporates green technology.


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Why You Need An Aluminium Lantern Roof!

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aluminium lantern roofsMany people consider installing an aluminium lantern roof, not just for the look, but because they have a number of outstanding benefits. You can’t underestimate the visual effects offered by these home improvement products, which raise the profile of any space. Advantages include:

  • A Feeling of Wellbeing – Seasonal affective disorder [SAD] can significantly affect the mood when sunlight is at a minimum. Lantern roofs allow more sunlight to enter the home, promoting happiness and effectively boosting the immune system and heart health.
    Improved Health – More Vitamin D can improve your health by suppressing your appetite, and making it easier to lose weight.
  • Saving Energy – More natural light means less need for artificial lighting, which of course, will save on electricity bills. These cleverly designed roofs also help your room to stay warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Home Value – A high quality lantern roof is a desirable feature, as many have discovered when they come to sell their home.
  • Outdoor Elegance – These glazed products not only accentuate the indoors, they give a whole new look to the outside of the home too.
  • Eco-Friendly – Energy efficient lantern roofs reduce the need for extra heating and lighting.
  • High quality lantern roofs from First Choice Aluminium H&P, are thermally efficient, so warm air does not escape, as with more flimsy products.
  • Multi-use – These lantern roofs can be used for a range of applications such as extensions, conservatories and even swimming pool enclosures.
  • Versatile – These roofs are ideal for any style of home be it traditional or contemporary, they will always give stunning results.

Although aluminium lantern roofs from First Choice Aluminium H&P appear delicate and slimline, they are deceptively tough and long lasting. They can easily cope with whatever the UK weather throws at them and will not leak or allow any kind of water penetration. So what are you waiting for?

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Hire a Mini Digger for Those Tough Jobs

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There is no limit to the variety of tasks a mini digger can perform in Watford, even preparing the ground for a heated swimming pool! Mini diggers or mini excavators can be hired for the duration of the project you have in mind, and will save time and help you to meet deadlines.

They are ideal for jobs like:-

  • Tree stump and hedge removal during landscaping
  • Excavating excess soil and waste for removal from the site
  • Digging footings for extensions and new builds
  • Excavation for building beautiful new patios and driveways
  • Clearing concrete ready for the next stage of your project/build
  • Digging deep to carry out drain work
  • Demolishing small structures
  • Ploughing snow
  • Digging to install a pond

There are a range of accessories and attachments available, to tailor the machinery to your needs. Compact and lightweight yet extremely powerful, Kubota mini diggers offer excellent performance, whether around the home or on the construction site. The smallest of these vehicles can even be transported through the house [with flooring protection] for work on the garden.

There is no end to the versatility of this plant equipment, and hiring will save you money, as they are pretty expensive to buy. Even new start construction businesses frequently opt to hire their heavy plant initially, due to cash flow, and the size of the investment needed. Rhinos Plant Hire have a varied range of heavy and small plant machinery, tools and equipment for hire. Their fleet is well maintained and kept up to speed, for a totally reliable hire experience.

The team of highly qualified mechanics at Rhinos will also service, maintain and repair customers own plant machinery, applying the same attention to detail. Call them on 01277 372 626.

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