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Diagnosis and Treatment of Headache and Migraine

At Wet Design we take an active interest in health and fitness. Swimming is a great exercise for all round physical well-being while hydrotherapy and physiotherapy work wonders in the the treatment of tired and aching joints and muscles.

One aspect of health that we are now looking at is the treatment of neck and shoulder pain, and particularly in relation to headache and migraine. This is what brought our attention to the Headache & Migraine Specialist network. The Headache & Migraine Specialists network brings together neurologists and physiotherapists with GPs and health professionals to share research and develop best practice for the treatment of head pain.

Many sufferers report common experiences when seeking treatment for headache and migraine.

  • Repeat visits to GPs
  • Inconclusive tests and MRI & CT scans
  • Increasing reliance on an ever increasing strength of pain medication

What the Headache & Migraine Specialists group have discovered is that this is because existing practices are often looking in the wrong place for the underlying cause of head pain.

Through a combination of clinical experience and on-going research Headache & Migraine Specialists have come to the understanding that most causes of headaches and migraines have physical origins that respond well to expert treatment.

Genetic and environmental factors often work in combination to bring a patient to a critical threshold which results in headache or migraine but there is one cause of headache that is often under-recognised, undiagnosed and, as a result, left without treatment.

Cervicogenic pain refers to pain that emanates from the shoulders and the neck and is transmitted through the cervicogenic neural pathway in the upper vertebrae. Crucially, over 80% of patients suffering from headaches and migraines report significant benefits from physiotherapy treatment of the neck and shoulders.

Clinics in the Headache & Migraine Specialist group have devised an assessment model for the diagnosis of cervicogenic head pain. After a full examination of a patient’s medical history and lifestyle, cervicogenic causes of headache can be determined by temporarily reproducing the symptoms through stressing certain tissues in the neck. Although uncomfortable, this is short-lived and allows for more specific diagnosis and more effective treatment.

For further information visit us at www.headacheandmigrainespecialists.com. At the moment, membership of the Headache & Migraine Specialist network is strongest in London, Essex and the South East of England.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Headache and Migraine