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Do You Like A Challenge?

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WetDesign BrookshawIf your work involves large installations whether it be swimming pools or industrial plant applications, you must enjoy a challenge! Not that every job is difficult, but consider the potential issues when replacing or building a new facility. You are possibly disturbing a set-up that has often been in place for many years. If you have ever owned an older home, you will already know the frustrations of trying to replace old with new. Surroundings are usually designed to accommodate particular shapes and sizes of plant components. Modern versions will have the latest technology and sometimes a completely different system. Many compromises and adjustments need to happen so that the new equipment fits well and functions properly.

Care and knowledge is essential when constructing and fitting the installation, so that everything works perfectly and there is a seamless transition. This type of work is often extremely complex, and an experienced team is crucial. Several tests have to be carried out during commissioning, to identify any problems. With processing plants, these include cleaning, flushing, leak tests, verifications, functional checks and performance evaluation. Any failure to carry these out to the letter can result in thousands of pounds in lost production. This is in addition to damage to the reputation of all involved, and even hefty fines. Contractors sometimes feel pressured to rush this important period due to time constraints, and eagerness to commence plant operation.

Haste at this stage of the procedure is well known to be responsible for many accidents and other problems. Verification tests must be stringent here if major difficulties are to be avoided. It should be ascertained that the system will work perfectly under normal conditions.

Specialists like Brookshaw Stuart have been responsible for numerous process plant installations within the food and non-food industries. They have an unequalled success rate and many ongoing contracts with major manufacturers. Take a look at some of their projects.

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