Lease Hire for High Quality Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation Systems

Air Conditioning Lease Finance, Heating & Ventilation Installation & Maintenance

tkMore and more companies are becoming aware of the benefits of leasing equipment and systems for their business, which is why the leasing industry is experiencing steady growth. Businesses of all sizes and in many sectors are realising that leasing is an ideal way to limit company expenditure. This money can then be invested elsewhere, allowing your business to develop while operating to its maximum efficiency.

Diminishing assets is always an ongoing concern for any business, and leasing provides a viable answer to this. Leasing also means immediate access to state of the art systems and equipment without the pressure of a huge initial outlay. When you use lease financing from our web promotion partners Turn Key Air Conditioning, your contract can also include service and maintenance of your equipment or system. They offer fixed monthly payments which are not affected by varying interest rates, no extra fixed, floating or security charges and 100% tax allowable payments. You are also free to apply for credit for other items or aspects of your business.

High performance air conditioning heating and ventilation systems are available from Turn Key Air Conditioning [TKAC] which are 100% allowable against pre-tax profits. This is a big plus for any company whether newly formed or well established. Payments for your lease hire equipment can be deducted as a trading expense, and the full cost including capital and interest may be offset against tax.
When projects like store fit outs are under way, costs can accumulate, leading to decisions like cutting out the air conditioning. This is seldom a wise option, as studies have shown that reduced concentration due to a lack of fresh, clean air in the workplace can impact productivity, comfort and health. Hospitals, office developments, hotel groups, factory installations and many retail groups have benefited from installation of air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems from TKAC. The incredible Melcotel central control system has been exceptionally popular with many hotels, as has TKAC’s offsite manufacturing capability.

Lease finance from our partners at TKAC is the smart choice, and can include a range of ground breaking technology like the Ecodan air source heat pump, which gives economical and environmentally friendly results. Call them for more information on 0191 438 7410

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