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The metal fabrication industry has benefited over the years from the development of ground breaking technology. Milling, guillotining and machining were traditionally the main processes used by manufacturers and fabricators of metal products. These methods were not particularly satisfactory and proved costly and slow. They also frequently failed to provide a precision finish meaning a lot of waste and dissatisfaction.

Since the emergence of innovative laser cutting and waterjet cutting technology many of these kinds of issues have been resolved. These revolutionary fabrication solutions can achieve exceptionally accurate results, reduce the process time and save money. The medical and manufacturing sectors are just two examples of end users who demand precise, high specification products. Modern metal fabrication techniques benefit producers of vehicle parts, metal signs and lettering, steel doors and desks and a variety of machine components.

Our web promotion partners Unicorn Sheet Metal Works Ltd, are an extremely forward looking company, and have embraced all aspects of modern sheet metal fabrication. Laser cutting and waterjet cutting are a significant part of what they offer and they are experts in this field. Their dedication to delivering unequalled standards with their products and services is demonstrated by investments in innovative metal cutting technology. The TRUMPF laser cutting machine has assisted Unicorn in their progression towards consistent high performance, as has the Bystronic ByJet Classic 4022 waterjet cutting system.

Unicorn use their extensive knowledge along with 30 years experience in the business, to keep them ahead of their game. As British Standard Code Welders they are qualified to offer mig and tig welding of metals like stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium. Their first rate products and services are valued by clients such as the merchant and Royal Navy, the military, the aviation industry and the oil and automotive industries.

A range of high performance standard or bespoke dust extraction units are also available from Unicorn Sheet Metal Works, through the Unimatic website. An amazingly fast turn around of 4 to 6 weeks is quoted on their custom dust extraction units, whereas up to 12 weeks is the usual period with other companies.
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