Fancy Your Own Swimming Pool?

Professional Design & Installation of Swimming Pools for Commercial, Domestic & Local Authorities

What could be more luxurious or fun than a home swimming pool? Indoor pools are extremely popular in all parts of the UK, and many people enjoy designing their own ideal swimming pool solution. Pools not only raise the profile, and add value to your home, but medical experts agree that swimming is one of the best pursuits any of us can do to keep fit and healthy. It gives the body a great all over workout to strengthen bones, muscles and joints without harsh impact, as well as helping in the fight to lose weight. Regular swimming is recommended by doctors and health care specialists to benefit people with a wide range of conditions, can strengthen the heart and lungs, and lower blood pressure.

Indoor swimming pools can be designed to sit comfortably within a wide range of styles, and may be installed as part of an extension, in a basement or in a separately constructed pool house. You could even include a spa, sauna or gym area for a spectacular and decadent result offering exercise and relaxation.

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor pool the ideal surround is stone, preferred by many for a number of reasons. The main considerations when dealing with poolsides is safety, this includes the need for a flooring product which is non slip and durable, making natural stone the perfect surface. Stone also looks amazing with it’s natural variations in colour, pattern and texture, bringing a timeless quality to contemporary, rustic or traditional homes.

Favourite types of stone tile for swimming pools are Travertine for it’s beauty and elegance, limestone which can feature evidence of fossils, and granite for a stunning sparkle and tough composition. Other choices include quartzites for a resilient solution in gorgeous shades of pink, beige or green, and radiant gneiss.

There are several specialist companies who install, repair and maintain stone flooring, keeping your pool area looking pristine, like Lawco Flooring. Give them a call on 01942 674785.

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