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When it comes to the environment in general, government legislation has been implemented in many areas of society to control damaging emissions, limiting the amount of pollution in the air. Positive advances have been achieved and the majority of the population are aware of the importance of these measures. But what about the quality of the air indoors, in the workplace for instance where dust and fumes can be a problem?

Most employers know that a healthy workforce is a happy and productive one, and reputable companies are committed to ensuring a safe and comfortable work environment. This is not only the sign of a responsible employer but one who observes legal health and safety requirements, putting appropriate technology in place where needed. The Health & Safety Executive states that at work there should be, ‘ a supply of fresh, clean air drawn from outside or a ventilation system.’ The possible presence of pollutants, contaminants and allergens in the workplace, which could affect Indoor Air Quality [IAQ], needs to be addressed. Fresh, breathable air at work facilitates an efficient and agreeable atmosphere, where people can get on with their day unhindered. There is also more chance of an increase in staff attendance, as people feel well and fit for work meaning sustained productivity.

filters 2Our web promotion partners Newgate Air Systems, have a world of experience with all aspects of design, manufacture, installation and servicing of fume and dust extraction systems. They have a wide expertise within air filtration and ventilation, and offer a vast range of quality filters from major filtration manufacturers. Newgate Air Systems are a one stop filtration shop providing COSHH LEV testing, and a comprehensive range of superior cartridges, filter bags, panel filters, control panels, cages, inserts and gauges. Filter quality is an essential aspect in the smooth running of any filtration system, and customers report significant improvements once their new high quality filters have been installed.

Newgate Air Systems, can provide skilled consultants, who will investigate the level of Indoor Air Quality within your premises. Once this is established they can discuss a fully tailored fume and dust control and extraction solution covering your particular needs. They offer their extremely affordable services to a range of clients including fabrication specialists, industrial sites, laboratories, motor vehicle workshops, computer rooms and casting plants. With Newgate Air Systems, you will also benefit from a FREE of charge site survey with follow up quote based on the survey result. Air quality consultancy services from Newgate Air Systems include COSHH LEV testing.

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