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Benefits of Plant Hire

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Have you ever wondered why many people prefer to hire their plant machinery as opposed to buying. There are a number of good reasons for this, all of them are wise and practical! Take Bowsers for instance, what better way to transport large volumes of liquids safely from A to B. These portable storage tanks are probably not something you would use every day, but when they are needed, offer the perfect solution. This is why most people will hire a Bowser as and when, rather than purchase one.

Bowsers come in a range of types and sizes such as fuel bowsers, water bowsers and waste bowsers. Water bowsers are used where there is no access to clean or drinking water. You will frequently see water bowsers when there is an emergency like a water shortage, as they provide a practical solution in these situations. There are road tow versions and site tow versions of these handy plant items. There are Jetwash Bowsers and even bowsers for fuel and other flammable liquids.

When construction businesses are starting up, they don’t usually have unlimited funds, yet need to present a professional image. Mini Diggers, Skid Steer Loaders, Dumpers, Rollers and Telehandlers are way out of reach for the majority. But you can hire the highest performing machines from specialists like Rhinos Plant Hire, and still offer an excellent outcome for your customers in Barnet.

Plant hire means no tiresome maintenance or repairs, and no worries about where to store your valuable machinery. Most of the time you will be getting the benefit of the latest technology from leading brands. Plus there will be no depreciation headaches, leave that to the hire company!

If you feel you would like to own your own Mini Excavator etc, Rhinos even sell their used models at amazing knock down prices. This is because they have a policy of continual upgrading, even when the existing model is still in full working order. Call Rhinos on 01277 372 626.


Swimming Pool Design & Maintenance for Swimming, Leisure & Therapy Pools

7 Reasons to Get in the Water

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Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do for just about every aspect of your physical and mental health! Whatever your fitness level swimming is bound to boost it, and is an excellent way to develop and strengthen muscles, get a cardio workout and improve lung capacity to name but a few of the benefits. If that doesn’t tempt you to slip into your cozzie here are a few more reasons:-

  1. Top to Toe Body Workout. Every muscle in your body gets a work out when you swim, whether you are calmly gliding along or flying through the water. Your body will be working harder than if you were doing the same activity out of the water.
  2. Weight Loss. If you want to lose weight there’s no better way than a swim, as just a gentle half hour swim will burn off 200 calories.
  3. Guards Against Disease. Apparently a weekly 30 minute swim will drastically lower the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke.
  4. Invigorating. Your energy levels will be improved and your metabolic rate increased by swimming for half an hour 3 times a week.
  5. Promotes a Feeling of Wellbeing. This popular form of activity can be done alone or with friends, and will encourage a positive mental outlook, along with a healthy diet and lifestyle.
  6. Stress Relief. As most swimmers know, lingering in the wonderful water is a proven way to alleviate stress whether it’s due to work, the kids, driving etc. It improves sleep patterns and lightens the mood, even where depression exists, and is often advised by doctors.
  7. Comfortable Exercise. As 90% of the body’s weight is supported by the water, those who have an injury or illness can easily enjoy this form of activity.

Being an Island there is water all around us, and there are lots of places to go swimming in and around Essex whether you live in Tilbury, Brentwood or Chelmsford. Many public swimming baths have undergone impressive refurbishment, so you won’t find it difficult to begin your new pastime.

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Swimming Pool Considerations

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Along with the size, style and design of swimming pools, there are a number of other considerations to take into account at the planning stage. Remember this will be a moist environment which greatly affects the type of products which can be used here. The walls and floor will be subject to constant water pressure. Flooring for instance must be non slip whether it’s ceramic tiles, mosaic tiles, terracotta, stone or vinyl. Walls will need some form of waterproofing, and all decor should be ok to use in frequently wetted areas. A consequence of bad decisions with decor in these surroundings has led in the past to a constant and expensive need for replacement or refurbishment.

The doors in this kind of area could be exposed to a high traffic volume in addition to persistent moisture and corrosive chemicals. In places like leisure centres, public swimming pools and sports facilities, doors need to be tough, waterproof and hygienic. It’s crucial that products used here will not warp, rot or deteriorate even after years of use.

Doors which are made from materials like timber or laminate, may have to be constantly replaced due to moisture damage, which can get pretty costly. They are also vulnerable to bacteria growth and can be heavy making them unsuitable for wet areas. Even steel doors can rust and are pricey to repair so not a good choice.

Doors used around swimming pools have to withstand extreme temperatures, damp conditions and resist corrosion. UPVC or aluminium powder coated doors are ideal for anywhere like this, and are often used for swimming pools. You will find the perfect door for your swimming pool area at specialists like Trade Window Services. They have an excellent range of UPVC or aluminium bi-fold, multi-fold, sliding folding doors. These doors create a stunning visual effect and are used by domestic or commercial customers for a variety of applications.

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The Benefits of Your Own Swimming Pool

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People in the UK are increasingly deciding to install their own swimming pools indoors and even outdoors for a number of health benefits. These include relaxation, entertaining and exercise, particularly the latter, as swimming is widely recognised as one of the best things you can do for your overall health. Not only does swimming raise your sense of wellbeing, it develops muscle, forces the lungs to work harder, and improves the cardio vascular system meaning a healthy heart.

Many people in the UK who install a pool, do so mainly for the exercise and health aspects, building a swim into their everyday routine. This also saves the hassle and time of having to get to the public pool, getting changed, hustling for space etc.

As this isn’t Los Angeles or California though, there is usually a limit when it comes to available space for a swimming pool, so smaller models are preferable. The downside is there are only so many strokes you can make before having to turn around in a smaller pool. There is a solution to this quandary though, in the form of Swim Jets. These clever additions enhance any pool whatever its size and shape, so that it becomes a sort of gym, allowing a fantastic workout as often as you wish.

Swim Jets create an underwater current by pushing large quantities of water through the jets, turning your home swimming pool into the swimming equivalent of a treadmill. You can control the flow by adjusting current speed and strength, and some have settings for hydrotherapy or massage. Most fit to the wall of your pool and are surface mounted giving a continuous swimming experience or for activities like aqua aerobics. This type of system is also great for rehabilitation after injury, and getting back up to speed.

You can install your own outdoor swimming pool, but first prepare the ground using a mini digger or similar. These are available to hire from specialists such as Rhino Plant Hire, if you are in the Essex, London area.

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A Pool for Summer

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It might be cold at the moment, but if you are stuck indoors, there’s nothing on the TV and scrabble has lost it’s charm after 5 games, how about letting your imagination run riot. Think of the warm sunny days to come, chilling in the garden with a cool drink and a book, or perhaps even a swim?

While owning your own swimming pool may not be the first thought which comes to mind for many of us, they are in fact becoming more and more popular in the UK despite our unpredictable weather. Even outdoor pools are experiencing a rise in interest, as people want a more tailored living space. Sizes vary and although you wont get many lengths out of a 6×3 m pool, these are often fitted with innovative features like counter currents or swim jets. This transforms your small pool into a piece of gym equipment, providing a great form of resistance training.

A favourite size is 11×4 m which offers a decent length plus reasonable running costs, as a larger pool than this means more water to heat up, and a more powerful pump and filtration system. Swimming pools can run off gas, oil, electricity or even air source heat pumps which are amazingly cost effective.

Adding a pool isn’t something you can just jump into though [pun intended], it needs careful planning if it is to be an asset and add value to your home. Bear in mind that potential buyers may be put off by a badly designed or neglected pool that they will need to pay to have removed.

An above the ground swimming pool is a frequently chosen option for many, as there is less preparation and they are easier to remove if required. This type of pool is ideal if you have some DIY skills, and fancy saving even more money. They are typically not that difficult to install, although preparation usually includes some landscaping to provide an even and sturdy base for your pool. You can hire plant machinery at reasonable rates, for any landscaping project in Canvey Island from Rhino Plant Hire.

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Fancy Your Own Swimming Pool?

Professional Design & Installation of Swimming Pools for Commercial, Domestic & Local Authorities

What could be more luxurious or fun than a home swimming pool? Indoor pools are extremely popular in all parts of the UK, and many people enjoy designing their own ideal swimming pool solution. Pools not only raise the profile, and add value to your home, but medical experts agree that swimming is one of the best pursuits any of us can do to keep fit and healthy. It gives the body a great all over workout to strengthen bones, muscles and joints without harsh impact, as well as helping in the fight to lose weight. Regular swimming is recommended by doctors and health care specialists to benefit people with a wide range of conditions, can strengthen the heart and lungs, and lower blood pressure.

Indoor swimming pools can be designed to sit comfortably within a wide range of styles, and may be installed as part of an extension, in a basement or in a separately constructed pool house. You could even include a spa, sauna or gym area for a spectacular and decadent result offering exercise and relaxation.

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor pool the ideal surround is stone, preferred by many for a number of reasons. The main considerations when dealing with poolsides is safety, this includes the need for a flooring product which is non slip and durable, making natural stone the perfect surface. Stone also looks amazing with it’s natural variations in colour, pattern and texture, bringing a timeless quality to contemporary, rustic or traditional homes.

Favourite types of stone tile for swimming pools are Travertine for it’s beauty and elegance, limestone which can feature evidence of fossils, and granite for a stunning sparkle and tough composition. Other choices include quartzites for a resilient solution in gorgeous shades of pink, beige or green, and radiant gneiss.

There are several specialist companies who install, repair and maintain stone flooring, keeping your pool area looking pristine, like Lawco Flooring. Give them a call on 01942 674785.

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New Leisure Centre for Swimming and Ice Skating

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The appearance of a new swimming pool is always exciting for us, but the one planned for Romford, Essex is particularly fascinating. The Sapphire Ice Leisure Centre is a £28.5m project due to be opened in 2018, which will not only be visually stunning, but will offer a great place to have fun.

There have been a few technical set backs and financial hold ups along the way for this regeneration project, but progress is now continuing in earnest. Viewed from the outside the structure will simulate a huge, shimmering blue ice cube with it’s sparkling, translucent cladding above a largely clear-glazed plinth. The interior will house a fully equipped gym along with an ice rink situated above an 8 lane 25m competition swimming pool.

The impressive building will contain many complex systems including pool filtration, moveable floor mechanisms, refrigeration piping, ice maintenance systems, lifts, dumb waiters, sauna and steam rooms.

There has been a little drama along the way too, while working onsite the team found what looked like a bomb shaped object, which sent everyone running for the hills. But it was red faces all round when closer inspection revealed writing on the side which said ‘pull the pin out before you use the fire extinguisher’’.

Once the ground breaking multi-million pound scheme is complete and up and running, it will host the London Raiders Ice Hockey team. The new centre will consist of:-

  • a 25m 8 lane main competition pool
  • A 15 x 8m learner pool
  • an ice rink with a capacity for hundreds of skaters
  • two fitness studios
  • plus steam and sauna rooms

At Wet Design, we have worked on a number of major projects featuring swimming pool design, filtration, balance tank cleaning, refurbishment and redesign and have a reputation for excellence. We are also experienced in all work regarding rehabilitation therapy pools and spas in hospitals and clinics, as well as equine and canine pools.

For a comprehensive range of building services including landscaping and outdoor swimming pools and water features try specialist construction contractors Premier Build Ltd.


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Pool Maintenance for a Safe, Clean Swimming Experience

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pmThe benefits of swimming are numerous both physically and psychologically whether its in the sea on holiday or in the public swimming pool. When swimming you are using your whole body, and the cardio and resistance aspects improve lung capacity, boost fitness, strengthen the heart and tone muscles. Not only that, a significant number of calories burn off during a swim. Over 200 in 30 minutes at a steady pace! Being in water is healthy for both body and mind, giving a feeling of overall wellbeing, and leaving you relaxed and refreshed. It’s no wonder that this safe, fun and low impact activity which is suitable for just about anybody is so incredibly popular.

Swimming Pool Safety

In order to keep every pool user safe and well, there are stringent, legal rules regarding public swimming pools, including measures to remove harmful bacteria and prevent problems. In addition to treatment of the actual pool area, other places which need regular cleaning include balance tanks, wells, open topped chambers, silo’s, sewers, vats, ductwork, trunk mains, reaction vessels, filter vessels and fluid storage tanks. As you can imagine this work is extremely specialised which is where our digital promotion partners Pool Maintenance Ltd come in.
Prevention of nasties is crucial in the swimming pool environment, and Pool Maintenance are the experts in all aspects of specialist cleaning, sanitisation and management of these areas.

Construction Line and CHAS

Construction Line approved and CHAS accredited, Pool Maintenance operatives are fully qualified to work safely and efficiently within confined spaces. They are trained in Bio Film Removal, ensuring that bacteria, legionnaires, pseudomonas and E-Coli cannot get a foothold. Bio Films can even damage and corrode metal surfaces.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Built Around You

Pool Maintenance Ltd, offer an out of hours service for the convenience of each customer, and this includes overnight operations where required, meaning no disruption to the daily running of the pool. They carry out full installation and servicing of filtration and chemical dosing systems including UV along with NDT Testing. Any issues concerning the efficiency of the pool heating system or other components can be swiftly and effectively tackled and in the majority of cases solved. They can advise on pool design, upgrades and refurbishments such as pool enlargement, depth increase or decrease for a variety of pool types.
Call Pool Maintenance on 01457 765533

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Professional, Caring and Flexible Removals Service

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Moving involves many important preparations and decisions, such as organising schools, redirecting mail, contacting utility providers and sorting change of address notifications. Of course one of the biggest considerations is your choice of removals company. The removals company you use will have a major effect on your move and can mean the difference between a positive experience and one which you do not wish to repeat! Some people consider avoiding this dilemma by actually completing the move themselves, but this can be a mistake, especially where you have a lot of possessions or easily damaged items.

In most cases the services of the experts is the way to go, and if you are looking for a company who offer a uniquely friendly and personal service, opt for our web promotion partners Move It Men. This specialist removals company based in Bolton, Lancashire, are committed to providing all customers with a highly professional yet caring service. Owner Kelli Walker takes a pride in offering a removals service which breaks the mould, putting the individual needs of each customer first. Move It Men specialise in assisting the more vulnerable or anxious customer with their move, and as Kelli is a qualified special needs support worker with enhanced CRB check status, she possesses the ideal skills.

She will also offer a chaperone service for nervous movers such as lone females, and her approach has ensured contracts with women’s refuge Safe Haven. An unliveried van is available for these occasions bringing peace of mind. There is also help and advice given where elderly clients may be entitled to financial help with their move. Kelli has been able to liaise with local councils in some of these cases with positive results. All of this is provided free of charge.

Move It Men Offer a comprehensive removals service and CRB checked staff are highly trained and chosen for their caring, customer focused attitude. Whether its for home, office or commercial premises, customers can benefit from a full inventory service, wrap and strap, and Move It Men are also fully insured. Their flexible removals service can respond to your needs with a convenient out of hours service where required.

Call Move It Men on 01204 362965 you wont be disappointed.

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High Quality Metal Fabrication, Laser Cutting, Waterjet & Cutting Specialists

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The metal fabrication industry has benefited over the years from the development of ground breaking technology. Milling, guillotining and machining were traditionally the main processes used by manufacturers and fabricators of metal products. These methods were not particularly satisfactory and proved costly and slow. They also frequently failed to provide a precision finish meaning a lot of waste and dissatisfaction.

Since the emergence of innovative laser cutting and waterjet cutting technology many of these kinds of issues have been resolved. These revolutionary fabrication solutions can achieve exceptionally accurate results, reduce the process time and save money. The medical and manufacturing sectors are just two examples of end users who demand precise, high specification products. Modern metal fabrication techniques benefit producers of vehicle parts, metal signs and lettering, steel doors and desks and a variety of machine components.

Our web promotion partners Unicorn Sheet Metal Works Ltd, are an extremely forward looking company, and have embraced all aspects of modern sheet metal fabrication. Laser cutting and waterjet cutting are a significant part of what they offer and they are experts in this field. Their dedication to delivering unequalled standards with their products and services is demonstrated by investments in innovative metal cutting technology. The TRUMPF laser cutting machine has assisted Unicorn in their progression towards consistent high performance, as has the Bystronic ByJet Classic 4022 waterjet cutting system.

Unicorn use their extensive knowledge along with 30 years experience in the business, to keep them ahead of their game. As British Standard Code Welders they are qualified to offer mig and tig welding of metals like stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium. Their first rate products and services are valued by clients such as the merchant and Royal Navy, the military, the aviation industry and the oil and automotive industries.

A range of high performance standard or bespoke dust extraction units are also available from Unicorn Sheet Metal Works, through the Unimatic website. An amazingly fast turn around of 4 to 6 weeks is quoted on their custom dust extraction units, whereas up to 12 weeks is the usual period with other companies.
Contact Unicorn by calling 0191 262 2882

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