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Technology to Combat Climate Change

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Wet Design blogNew technologies to combat climate change seem to be appearing thick and fast these days. Innovators are constantly working away to try to replace every product that relies heavily on fossil fuels etc with renewable solutions. From extracting carbon dioxide from the air to using water as fuel, there are some very exciting changes underway. Each new technology that emerges is viewed as just the tip of the iceberg by scientists and engineers.

These specialists are trained to think outside the box, and they certainly do, envisaging offshore wind turbines grabbing and storing carbon under the sea. They are also interested in essential metals to power electric vehicles being produced by geothermal plants. Batteries used for electric vehicles, can also be adjusted to power homes, saving money and reducing emissions from transportation. Other cutting edge technologies emerging include:

Solar Canals – 4,000 miles of Californian canals have been covered with solar panels. This could potentially save over 65 billion gallons of water, and irrigate 50,000 acres of farmland or meet the domestic water needs of 2 million plus people.

Solar Panels from Food Waste – a type of cladding made from food waste has been developed to mimic the function of solar panels. It can generate energy even on overcast days as it harnesses power from the sun’s UV rays.

Bladeless Wind Turbines – these space saving turbines are designed without blades to oscillate and sway in the wind. The resultant vibrations create electricity.

Microwave Powered Boilers – the company that has produced these electric boilers, hopes they could eventually replace gas boilers.

Underground Hydropower – systems built inside low hills will store and release electricity, faster and more cheaply than traditional hydropower dams.

At Rhinos, we believe in encouraging sustainable solutions wherever possible, which is why most of the hire plant machinery we offer incorporates green technology.


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