A Pool for Summer

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It might be cold at the moment, but if you are stuck indoors, there’s nothing on the TV and scrabble has lost it’s charm after 5 games, how about letting your imagination run riot. Think of the warm sunny days to come, chilling in the garden with a cool drink and a book, or perhaps even a swim?

While owning your own swimming pool may not be the first thought which comes to mind for many of us, they are in fact becoming more and more popular in the UK despite our unpredictable weather. Even outdoor pools are experiencing a rise in interest, as people want a more tailored living space. Sizes vary and although you wont get many lengths out of a 6×3 m pool, these are often fitted with innovative features like counter currents or swim jets. This transforms your small pool into a piece of gym equipment, providing a great form of resistance training.

A favourite size is 11×4 m which offers a decent length plus reasonable running costs, as a larger pool than this means more water to heat up, and a more powerful pump and filtration system. Swimming pools can run off gas, oil, electricity or even air source heat pumps which are amazingly cost effective.

Adding a pool isn’t something you can just jump into though [pun intended], it needs careful planning if it is to be an asset and add value to your home. Bear in mind that potential buyers may be put off by a badly designed or neglected pool that they will need to pay to have removed.

An above the ground swimming pool is a frequently chosen option for many, as there is less preparation and they are easier to remove if required. This type of pool is ideal if you have some DIY skills, and fancy saving even more money. They are typically not that difficult to install, although preparation usually includes some landscaping to provide an even and sturdy base for your pool. You can hire plant machinery at reasonable rates, for any landscaping project in Canvey Island from Rhino Plant Hire.

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