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Pool Maintenance for a Safe, Clean Swimming Experience

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pmThe benefits of swimming are numerous both physically and psychologically whether its in the sea on holiday or in the public swimming pool. When swimming you are using your whole body, and the cardio and resistance aspects improve lung capacity, boost fitness, strengthen the heart and tone muscles. Not only that, a significant number of calories burn off during a swim. Over 200 in 30 minutes at a steady pace! Being in water is healthy for both body and mind, giving a feeling of overall wellbeing, and leaving you relaxed and refreshed. It’s no wonder that this safe, fun and low impact activity which is suitable for just about anybody is so incredibly popular.

Swimming Pool Safety

In order to keep every pool user safe and well, there are stringent, legal rules regarding public swimming pools, including measures to remove harmful bacteria and prevent problems. In addition to treatment of the actual pool area, other places which need regular cleaning include balance tanks, wells, open topped chambers, silo’s, sewers, vats, ductwork, trunk mains, reaction vessels, filter vessels and fluid storage tanks. As you can imagine this work is extremely specialised which is where our digital promotion partners Pool Maintenance Ltd come in.
Prevention of nasties is crucial in the swimming pool environment, and Pool Maintenance are the experts in all aspects of specialist cleaning, sanitisation and management of these areas.

Construction Line and CHAS

Construction Line approved and CHAS accredited, Pool Maintenance operatives are fully qualified to work safely and efficiently within confined spaces. They are trained in Bio Film Removal, ensuring that bacteria, legionnaires, pseudomonas and E-Coli cannot get a foothold. Bio Films can even damage and corrode metal surfaces.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Built Around You

Pool Maintenance Ltd, offer an out of hours service for the convenience of each customer, and this includes overnight operations where required, meaning no disruption to the daily running of the pool. They carry out full installation and servicing of filtration and chemical dosing systems including UV along with NDT Testing. Any issues concerning the efficiency of the pool heating system or other components can be swiftly and effectively tackled and in the majority of cases solved. They can advise on pool design, upgrades and refurbishments such as pool enlargement, depth increase or decrease for a variety of pool types.
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