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Swimming Pool Design & Maintenance Engineers

Wet Design are specialists in all aspects of design, engineering & maintenance for the swimming, leisure and therapy pool industry. Our activities include:-

Swimming, Leisure & Therapy Pools

Swimming & Leisure Pools
Our clients include local councils, local authorities and private individuals.
For leisure pools we design features such as water mushrooms, eruptors and flume rides.
There are some very important considerations when designing the water treatment system for swimming pools. These have serious implications for safety, hygiene and operating cost. We outline some of these design considerations on our Pool Design page.

Therapy Pools & Spas
We have designed many rehabilitation and therapy treatment pools and spas for both NHS and private hospitals and clinics. Therapy pools are widely used for the rehab of people with muscular conditions and burns. In this post operative therapy, water supports the body assisting gradual rehabilitation of damaged limbs.

Equine Therapy Pools
Wet Design are specialists in the design of water treatment systems for equine therapy pools. Equine therapy pools are large capacity pools and through our activity in this field we have developed specific design criteria for such pools. Please read more at Equine Therapy Pools.

Efficiency & Cost Reduction in Operating & Maintenance

We design to deliver the clients’ exact requirements in terms of the performance of the swimming / therapy pool facility. In addition, we are often able to demonstrate significant cost savings with our designs due to our detailed technical knowledge of water treatment technology.

Sub optimal specification of equipment can prove extremely costly over the life span of water treatment installation. We pay particular attention to maximising safety and hygiene considerations and optimising the capital and maintenance costs of our projects.

Please browse our site for more details of our experience and the way we operate, then contact us to discuss your pool project design requirements – it is never too early in a project to allow us to start saving you money!
Please also see details of our associate water treatment installation & maintenance contractor Pool Maintenance Ltd.

Swimming & Therapy Pool Design, Water Treatment & Maintenance